Nationwide is the Exclusive Affinity Partner for Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers across the country.  We recognize and appreciate the dedication and commitment that these individuals provide to the citizenry they protect.  We are also in the Protection Business and look to service and protect those who protect us.



Who is eligible?

All Law Enforcmeent/Corrections personnel (arresting authority)


How do I get started?

Call 1-610-433-5000 and ask for Judy or Donna or call Linda anytime at 610-972-2920 (cell)


How does this benefit me?

We offer discounted rates not available to the general public for auto insurance and provide a highly specialized review of Law Enforcement/Corrections Officer insurance protection needs.  

We look forward to engaging with your community to sponsor events and programs that support officer safety.


How does this benefit Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers?

To have a trusted advisor who appreciates and understands many aspects of the scope of your work and the challenges that you have on a daily basis.


Nationwide Insurance Company carefully selects groups to create an "Affinity Partnership" with its members and have created a relationship nationally with Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers.  It is rather natural as both law enforcement and the insurance industry work hard together to protect the community by uncovering fraud, determining liability and more.  Understanding how to become effective partners as agents to this community is the foundation to making this relationship of value to law enforcement or corrections officers.  Linda Krisko, Agency Principal of Linda Krisko Insurance & Financial  is one of 19  agents in Pennsylvania who engaged in training at the Peace Officers Academy in Columbus Ohio of which the purpose of such certification was to gain insight into the risks that these individuals face on a daily basis, the toll that it can take on them and learning some law enforcement training tactics - clearing a building, being able to access situations and making quickly calculated life safety decisions as demonstrated in simulators and getting samples of officer training.  

Linda and her dedicated staff at Linda Krisko Insurance & Financial appreciate and support our local and nationwide Law Enforcement who serve and protect our communities on a daily basis. We want to take this opportunity to stand emphatically with our police force and express our utmost gratitude for their bravery. We are committed to protecting our protectors and finding ways to partner with the needs of law enforcement and corrections officers and their families.  

Our agency site at 1422 W. Hamilton Street in Allentown will serve as an official "Police Power Up Station" offering bottled water and protein bars for officers who often do not get a chance to eat while on the beat or need a little boost. More information to come!

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